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This can affect digestion and seriously affect blood sugar levels and nutrition. Signs and symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and bloating. sexual dysfunction. Autonomic neuropathy often disrupts the nerves that affect the genitals. Men may experience erectile dysfunction. Women may experience problems with dryness and arousal. Increase or decrease in sweating.

In more advanced cases of diabetesIn neuropathic neuropathy, there is an increased risk of xalatan eye drops due to loss of sensation and/or motor function. When complete loss of sensation in the legs occurs, people may not be aware of leg injuries and therefore may not be able to properly care for them. Loss of temperature sensation is also a significant risk factor for injury in people with diabetes. This can lead to the person not being able to realize that the water in the bath he is entering is scalding him. They may also be at risk of developing severe burns after sitting too close to a heater.

If a person has diabetes, a doctor should regularly check for symptoms and signs of diabetic neuropathy by taking a history and performing a physical examination. At each visit, the doctor should check the feet for sores, skin cracks, blisters, and bone and joint problems. It is recommended that all people with diabetes have a comprehensive foot exam at least once a year. Sometimes nerve conduction studies and electromyography (which assess electrical activity in nerves and muscles) are used to buy xalatan eye drops the extent of damage.

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Treatment of neuropathy in diabetes usually involves managing symptoms and controlling blood glucose levels. Tight glucose control has been found to buy latanoprost the risk of neuropathy, slow its progression, and help improve symptoms. Specific treatment will depend on the type of neuropathy and its symptoms.

Although diabetic neuropathy often causes loss of sensation, it can sometimes cause pain, especially in the legs and feet. This pain is often disturbing, especially at night when it interferes with sleep. Unfortunately, conventional analgesics are not often helpful for this type of pain, and other types of medication may be needed. Medications that may be helpful in treating pain include.

Even very minor injuries must be treated immediately to prevent ulcers and serious infections from developing. Diabetic neuropathy can often be avoided by vigilantly controlling blood glucose levels. To do this, be consistent in. If the disease still appears, watch your feet. Foot problems, including sores that won't heal, ulcers, and even amputations, are a common complication of diabetic neuropathy. However, many of latanoprost problems can be prevented by having a comprehensive foot and foot exam at every doctor's visit.